Learn to speak Portuguese

“To provide quality Portuguese language programs in a professional and friendly environment that offers an effective and enjoyable learning experience to all our students.”

Portuguese Language exam prep courses are also available. Cultural programs are optional and available throughout the year. Upon arrival, students take a placement test to determine their level of fluency, and also decide which cultural programs they would like to participate in.

Fast Forward Language Institute also offers Bildungsurlaub for German employees as well as University Credits for American students.


Group Instruction: Maximum of 6 students per class. Classes begin on any Monday for intermediate students (once a month for beginners), and are held Monday through Friday.

Intensive: 4 classes of 50 minutes every morning. Super-Intensive: 6 classes of 50 minutes every morning and afternoon. Private Instruction: Offered for beginners, advanced, and professionals with specific needs. Classes start any Monday, and are held Monday through Friday.

Intensive: 4 classes of 50 minutes every morning. Super-Intensive: 10 classes of 50 minutes every morning and afternoon. Ideal for professionals with little time. Includes lunch with professor. Classes conducted in various locations. Executive: 6 classes of 50 minutes every morning and afternoon. Specifically focused on business terminology. Includes lunch with professor.

Language Proficiency Test Preparation


This exam measures test-takers' level of proficiency in Portuguese. CELPE BRAS is the official exam developed and given by the Brazilian government, and is required for those who wish to live and work in Brazil.

Businesses and educational institutions use it to determine employment and study placements. The exam is offered twice a year: April and October. Fast Forward Language Institute's exam preparation classes focus on developing the student’s abilities in all areas tested.

Other important factors that greatly influence any given student’s performance are time spent in intimate contact with Brazilian culture and the breadth of this experience.

Materials used: Apart from our carefully selected standard teaching materials, Fast Forward Language Institute boasts a large variety of modern teaching resources and equipment. Computers, CD's and videos are among the aids used in everyday courses as well as sessions devoted to culture, regional studies, literature and business.

Use of the multimedia library and our computer facilities is a good way of adding to and reinforcing the skills acquired from class work.

A word on methodology: We believe it is important to vary the teaching methods used in our Portuguese courses as much as possible. Every group and person is different, thus our teachers use an individual approach and flexibly adapt their teaching methods to the students' respective learning needs.

We supplement various course books with original teaching materials such as newspaper and magazine articles, audio/visual materials and activities inside and outside of class.

One of our fundamental principles is to ensure a maximum of spoken communication. Students are encouraged to practice spoken Portuguese in real-life situations, with the teacher, and with other participants, in pairs and groups.

Many activities outside of school are created with this idea of oral communication as well.

Online Classes

Learn Portuguese online at Fast Forward! We have only native Portuguese speakers teachers to teach one-to-one or group.

You will begin to speak and write in an enjoyable way, naturally and spontaneously by actively participating in real-life situations.

Our online courses give you the flexibility to study where you like and when you like!

Tailored Programs in Brasilia and Rio de Janeiro

Fast Forward builds tailored programs to match the specific development objectives of students in Brasilia and Rio de Janeiro. Closed group and private classes are available. For more information, please contact us at info@fastforward.com.br.


By complementing your language studies with cultural activities, you effectively integrate your class time education with the daily reality of Brazilian life. Here are some of the programs offered by Fast Forward Language Institute:

Rhythms and Dances

Experience the variety of cultural heritage in Brazil through dance classes of samba, forró, rítmos variados, and many more. Afternoon and evening classes, in groups or individually.


Classes in the Brazilian martial art/dance considered to be an essential part of cultural heritage. Local groups lead you to both playful and serious interactions with this beautiful tradition.