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The biggest city in South America and one of the three largest in the world, São Paulo is considered one of Latin America's most important financial centers. It is the industrial center of Brazil, responsible for over 30% of Brazil's annual GNP, and headquarters to the majority of Brazilian and multinational corporations.

Strong industrial development and cultural diversity have provided São Paulo with the largest, most cultured and educated middle class in Brazil.

São Paulo can be an intimidating place, but if you like big cities, it offers the excitement and nightlife of one of the world's most dynamic. Attractions include the baroque Teatro Municipal, Niemeyer's Edifício Copan, the Museu de Arte de São Paulo (MASP) and the 16th-century Pátio do Colégio.

The school is located in the upscale neighborhood of Jardins, blocks away from Paulista Avenue, Sao Paulo’s financial center.

The tree-lined streets around the school are full of restaurants, neighborhood bars and nightclubs, as well as parks, with something for everyone and easy to explore.

Rua Artur de Azevedo, 281
São Paulo, Brazil
Cep: 05404-010
Phone: +55 11 3051 7112

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