Learn to speak Portuguese


Grant Moore – Global Professional Media Executive

Nationality: Australian / New Zealand

My experience at Fast Forward Sao Paulo has been very positive. After three months I am now almost at an intermediate level. My Brazilian friends and work colleagues all congratulate me, saying I speak and write very correctly.

I only spoke English, and had no detailed working knowledge of verbs, tenses and sentence structures – especially in latin languages. The Fast Forward teachers were extremely patient, used a good variety of teaching methods and resources, and made learning fun, topical and interesting. There was a good mixture of lessons with grammar, language structure, literature and conversation.

My suggestion to any prospective "english only" speaking students is to be patient. There is a lot to learn. Spend time with locals practicing listening and speaking the language. Watch television movies and news with subtitles – legendas – to get use to the sound of the language being used in every day situations.

Fast Forward will work with you collaboratively to ensure your Portuguese is Muito Bom !

Obrigado Fast Forward.

Claudia Baker

Nationality: USA

I had a wonderful time - well-organized learning experience, friendly people, great host. In fact, I enjoyed my time there so much that I am now making plans to move to Brazil! Thanks.

Stephan Michael

Nationality: USA

My family took excellent care of me. They provided good meals and included me in various activities. Staying in a Brazilian home was extremely benefitious

My teachers were professional, knowledgeable, and personable in the classroom. I enjoyed the opportunity to chat with them outside the class. They went beyond the call of duty to be helpful.

The day after classes ended I flew to Natal where I taught two classes in theology and missiology, 6 hours a day for 5 days, in a Bible institute and seminary. They were completely in Portuguese. The seminary dean insisted that my Portuguese was very, very good and that if I had stayed a few months it would have become perfect. One student came up during a class break and thanked me for my good subject/verb agreement. I spoke briefly in a church service, and afterwards a member of the audience tapped me on the shoulder to tell me that my Portuguese was better than some Americans who had lived in RN nearly four years. I lived in Cuiaba, MT, for 2 years about 2 decades ago and visited Natal for 10 days almost five years ago, so it's been a long time between opportunities to use Portuguese. Nor am I a genius or a linguist. Therefore, I attribute my success in using Portuguese to the time I spent in Fast Forward's program. The only regrets are that I couldn't have my wife come to study with me, and that I couldn't stay longer.

Malerie Diamante

Nationality: USA

My family was amazing. I loved living with them, they were so welcoming and so helpful. Luiza was so much fun to be around, she was so positive about everything and was always trying to help me learn. Amanda was also so kind to me.

I had an amazing time...I am so happy that I spent my summer in Brasil!!! And i am very excited because i am probably participating in a study abroad program in Curitiba this January - March through my university!!! And I hope to visit Maceio when I return to Brasil!!!

Vanessa Guidi

Nationality: Italian

liriane (teacher) never leaves anything untouched....she is thorough in every aspect from vocabulary to grammar. carla is also very good. she plays a game of tic-tac-toe with verbs that is fun and competitive. i really like that class... some lessons and explanations could have been taken a little further perhaps with more conversation rather than just workbook. wenderson is AMAZING. no books, no exercises just energy and spontaneity. he throws all his love for brazil and the portuguese language into his lessons...he has a strong desire for students to learn what he is teaching and to learn it well.

3 weeks is too little time to learn all that there is to learn, however, it is enough to build a foundation of the portuguese language.i would return in a heart beat...perhaps in Sao Paulo.

Bob Finucane

Nationality: USA

People were always congratulating me on how well I spoke. After two weeks in class and one week travelling, I successfully gave an engineering school class session in Portuguese.

Jennifer Brigham

Nationality: USA

What did you think about your teachers?

I also had Carla and Liriane. All three were excellent. Each had unique strengths which complemented the others. Classes were well organized and included sufficient time in each session for grammar, conversation and cultural study. I particularly liked the use of music as a way of learning colloquial language and Brazilian favorites.

Kirk Lacewell

Nationality: USA

I’ve just returned from my two week class at the Fast Forward training center in Sao Paulo and I want to say that it was a terrific experience. The training center was better than I could have imagined, their program was focused and intense and delivered in an excellent manner. I had two different instructors and each was an amazing trainer. I have made very few purchases in my life that I have been so happy with. If I have the chance to study Portuguese again I assure you that it will be at Fast Forward

Ian Weerman

Nationality: UK

To date I have attended the school four times, once in Maceio, and three times in Sao Paulo.
The fact that I have returned three times speaks for itself, and I am already looking forward to the next visit!

The best part of the experience is the quality of the teachers both in terms of their ability to teach the Portuguese language at all levels, and also their patience and interest in each individual student regardless of whether it is a private or group class.

The staff also go the extra mile outside of classes with the arrangement of social events and assistance with other matters such as travel or, once in my case, a medical emergency.

All in all, good value for the money and highly recommended

Dewey Litwiller, University ESL Instructor

Nationality: Canada

Fast Forward has made my life here in Brazil so much easier. After taking just five weeks of class, I can now communicate comfortably in Portuguese. I'm not fluent by any means, but I can interact with the people with little difficulty. The classes are divided into several levels and are amazingly small (around 4 students), so the teachers can really give each student special attention. The intensive classes progress as quickly as the students can manage. The after class and weekend outings, the assigned homework, and the Portuguese-only policy in the school nicely complement the classes.
The teachers are knowledgeable and make the classes fun and interesting. If you really want to become part the Brazilian culture and form relationships with the people, learning the basics of the language is essential. As a professional language teacher myself, I can highly recommend studying Portuguese at Fast Forward.

Eren Mert

Nationality: Turkey

I am very happy to finish two months experience in Fast Forward Language Institute. I had had a lower intermediate level. Now I am very confident when I am speaking Portuguese. That course with very much talented and helping teachers, the concentrated lessons and warm classes and colegues made me learn that language. Beside learning Portuguese, I had met with friendly and amazing teachers and students and I had built life-long friendships. The course was really amazing. I will never forget that part in my life. Thanks a lot for everything. We will meet again my friends. OBRIGADO..."Eren Mert - Turkey

Charles M. Ross

Nationality: USA

Three years ago I embarked upon a journey of personal growth. In my life, full of successes, I had not ever mastered a second language. I chose Portugese for business reasons. I attended Fast Forward , Sao Paulo for one month. The teachers and the program guided me through the basics of learning the language and gave me the beginnings of confidence that I could do this. The last year I came to Brasil I took classes and found that much of what I had been studying at Fast Forward helped me throughout the year. The workbooks were comprehensive and the followup was professional. Finally, I have brought myself back to Sao Paulo and gave a presentation in Portugese. I owe my success to my choice of Fast Forward and the people there who are committed to us "gringos" learning the language. The teachers and the directors and the owners have created a program that is well formulated for success.

Maya Manzi

Nationality: Canada

This summer (2006), I went to Sao Paulo to learn Portuguese and I decided to take two months of Intensive Portuguese with Fast Forward. I was extremely impressed by the quality of teaching, the friendly atmosphere, the flexibility of the program, and the dedication and care that people from Fast Forward put into their work. I have to say that this way of learning a language is incredibly efficient and rewarding. At first, I thought that it was not possible to learn a new language in two months, but believe me, it is! I recommend this Language School to everybody. Thank you to all the people of Fast Forward who made my time in Brazil a fruitful, enriching, and unforgettable experience! With all my love, Maya.